The Use of Bronze Construction Materials

Steel Bronze BarsHow are stainless steel bars, bronze bearings and bronze bars used in construction and construction materials today?

Check out this article by the Fabricator to find out:


Architectural firm McBains recently was hired to renovate a dilapidated office building by refreshing the interior and providing a new design for the entrance. It considered using a bronze-colored electroplated and sandblasted stainless steel but was concerned that the electroplated finish would be adversely affected by weather.

Architectural metal fabricator John Desmond Ltd. suggested a PVD-coated stainless that provided the aesthetic appeal of solid bronze without the weight, as well as a 12-year guarantee.

The original specification for the brise soleil fins was for solid stainless steel bar for a substantial look, but the steel would have been very heavy to hang from the canopy, and the fins would have deflected under their own weight. In addition, those steel bronze bars would have had to be clad to achieve the bronze look.


Alex Pashouros, project manager at John Desmond Ltd., suggested fabricating the brise soleil, canopy, and column from PVD-coated, colored stainless steel that was V-grooved and folded to appear as solid material. A current trend is to use wall panels and interior components with new colors and textures. Colored stainless is created with the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process, which creates a thin film available in a variety of colors.

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