How Concrete Formliners Are Used

There are many interesting ways concrete form liners are used in construction.  Take a look at how Nutley Booth Park uses it as told by the Nutley Local News:

To maintain the historic character and existing setting in Essex County Yanticaw Park and Nutley Booth Park, a concrete formliner was used to construct the arch spandrel walls and the parapet walls. The ornamental fence on the bridge was removed and will be reset on the completed structure. An interpretive sign will be installed to inform residents and visitors of the history of the crossing and the Yanticaw-Booth Historic District.

The Centre Street Bridge had been classified as “structurally deficient” and a weight limit of 15 tons was posted because of its deteriorating condition. The original single span brick arch with ashlar spandrel walls and abutments was built about 1896. Reinforced concrete wingalls were added to the structure in 1929 and the current concrete parapet and gabion wall were installed in 1965 after the north spandrel wall and parapet failed.

The new structure is constructed of a precast concrete arch with precast concrete wingwalls are supported by cast-in-place concrete footings and pedestals. There are two travel lanes, one in each direction, for motor vehicles. There are also sidewalks for pedestrians.

The bridge is expected to reopen sometime in December.