Concrete Form Liner Makes History

According to the Belleville Patch, form liners can play an important role in helping maintain historic preservation of important constructs:

The new structure will be constructed of a precast concrete arch with precast concrete wingwalls that will be supported by cast-in-place concrete footings and pedestals. There will be Formliner SEO Marketingtwo travel lanes – one in either direction – for motor vehicles and sidewalks for pedestrians. The dimensions will be virtually identical to the original structure: a clear span length of 42 feet, a roadway width of approximately 46 feet, and a total bridge width of 66 feet.To maintain the historic character and existing setting in Essex County Yanticaw Park and Nutley Booth Park, the concrete color for the new bridge was set by the NJ Historic Preservation Office. A stone formliner will be used to construct the arch spandrel walls and the parapet walls, the existing ornamental fence will be removed and reset, and an interpretive sign will be installed to inform residents and visitors of the history of the crossing and the Yanticaw-Booth Historic District. In addition, 48 new trees will be planted in the adjacent parkland.

On another note, form liners are used to build history, that is, through reconstruction as stated by the Times Free Press:

Steel Bronze BarsA Signal Mountain reader in May questioned the aesthetics of the project, particularly pointing to the now-complete phase I retaining walls on the north side of the Olgiati Bridge where the concrete surfaces are starting to become dirty.

“The project does have some aesthetic features. There is a specially selected form liner used to make the cast concrete on the project look similar to cut limestone block walls that are located throughout Chattanooga, along with the use of the tri-star from the Tennessee State Flag on the bridges,” Flynn said.

“Although we appreciate aesthetics, TDOT is more concerned with putting their money into the construction of durable, functional items (bridges, roadways, retaining walls, etc.) and less on visual flair,” she said.

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